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Traford Footwear was established in 2002 specialising in footwear imports. Headed by a team with more than 40 years of experience combined, along with a new generation of individuals who keep abreast of all the trends, we have grown from strength to strength on a year on year basis in the footwear industry. Our teams experience comes from the roots of manufacturing right to the end of the line of retail. We focus on bringing all South Africans a product of concentrated comfort that is on trend or in style not compromising on quality, making us a unique brand. One word that defines us is passion.

Our Vision

We aim to bring the beautiful people of our country a diverse range as we are a diverse population. We want to procure the best in international trends to suit our multi-racial and unique people. We want to bring high ranking fashion that is affordable for a country that is growing in ranks internationally. We want to BE RECOGNISED.

Skaloni London prides itself on producing the most up to date and sophisticated footwear fashion on the high street. Our styles hail from high fashion cities such Milan, New York and of course London, embodying the latest catwalk trends.

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Skaloni Footwear

This is the ultimate shoe brand known and in demand by millions of South Africans. Once any of our SKALONI shoes are worn, ladies fall head over heels in love with our fascinating styles and intense comfort.


Uncompromised quality international trends brought to South Africans at a shoestring budget…unlike any other brand. Beyond Control.

Adorables Footwear

A brand widely recognised to bring the latest every day and affordable fashions to the South African people. A label proudly manufactured in South Africa, and as testified by so many women across our country.

Volkswagen / gti apparrel

German design footwear, apparel and accessories. Imagined and inspired by the biggest motoring brand in the world.


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